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Lawn Fertilization By The Experts

Having a beautiful lush green lawn requires a complete lawn fertilization program specifically catered to turf type and environmental conditions. With our results driven lawn treatment plan; our goal is to provide our clients everything they need to have a nice healthy green lawn throughout the growing season.

We’re always on the lookout for the best lawn fertilizers in the market. Fertilizers that will vastly improve our lawn treatment program for our customers. Knowing what to put out is only half the battle, but knowing when to put it out is important as well.

Our Guaranteed Green Lawn Fertilization Stepping Stones

Fertilizer Applications

We only use top quality, slow-release fertilizers.

Our choice of fertilizers enable us to do combination applications, allowing us to put out weed control products at the same time.

Nitrogen Based Fertilizers

The nitrogen-based products we use are timely put out depending on the time of the year.

Micronutrients and Organic Fertilization

Our lawn treatments include fertilizer applications that contain key micro and bio-nutrients that gives your turf that extra pop.

We know there are numerous choices for fertilization & weed control services in the Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas, but we are one of the best! We have provided our lawn treatment program to residential and commercial properties for years. Our clients will always receive professional personalized services from our locally owned and operated business.

When you contact us at (770) 599-2774 we will start with an initial consultation to discuss all requirements and suggestions. We want to make sure your property receives the attention to detail on a regular ongoing basis. We will always deliver exceptional lawn treatment service. This will create a beautiful lawn that is well maintained and thriving. We look forward to starting our fertilization & weed control program at your home or business.

We Guarantee a Weed Free® thick green lawn.  We make sure your lawn is looking it’s best, because it is a reflection of our work. If you’re located in our service area, give us a call and we’ll come take a look at your lawn and suggest a package that will be just right for you!