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Benefits Of Our Perimeter Pest Control Program


Prevents pests from entering your home through cracks and crevices. By using our multi-point exterior insect control service, we create a protective barrier around the outside of your home.
This invisible, odorless barrier will protect your home without impeding your outdoor activities.

Eliminates pests who are living outside your home by using a targeted specially designed insect controls that prevent creepy crawling insects like spiders, ants, and silverfish from entering your home.

Regardless of the season, bugs belong outside. Defend your home from creepy crawling insects.

What is perimeter pest control?

Guaranteed Green’s Perimeter Pest control program targets seasonal “invaders” such as spiders, earwigs and ants, as well as additional insects. With our multi-point exterior defense plan and removal of spider webs and other debris from eaves and windowsills, we minimize these pesky invaders from entering your home.

What is the best pest control spray for your home?

There are a multitude of do it yourself products on the market for home pest control. It is difficult to single out one product or one approach as being the best to control pests in your home.
Guaranteed Green’s professional Perimeter Pest Control program takes the guesswork out of pest control, eliminates the need for you to store chemicals and delivers great results.

How long do you have to stay out of your house after pest control?

In most instances, depending on the severity of the pest problem and what products are used, you can reenter your home immediately after a pest control service or treatment. In all but the most severe cases, Guaranteed Green’s professional Perimeter Pest Control program will control most seasonal invading pests.

How often should I pest control my yard and house perimeter?

Frequency of pest control applications to your yard and the outside perimeter of your house will depend on the type of insect or pest problem you have. Lawn insects that cause damage to your grass will require at least one and possibly two applications to control them and stop the damage. Lawn insects are classified as surface feeding or sub-surface feeding insects. Sod Webworm is an example of a surface feeding insect and feeds on the above ground grass blades, while white grubs are subsurface feeding insects and feed on the roots of the grass plants.

Our perimeter pest treatment program provide season long control. And keeps the bugs where they belong. Out!