Weed Control Services for Residents and Businesses in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding cities.

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Want a Weed-Free Lawn?

Guaranteed Green is a results driven lawn care company focused on providing top-notch, year-round weed control & fertilization services for homeowners and commercial property owners.

Our program provides a complete balanced, year-round weed control and elimination program for our clients. Weed control treatments are part of our year-round lawn care program, which seeks to address the most common issues that stand between your lawn as it looks now, and the lush healthy green Atlanta-area landscape you envision. We offer 9-application lawn treatment plans for all the major turf types in the area.

Our Weed Control Process

Pre-Emergent Applications

All of our lawns are treated with top quality pre-emergent applications that are designed to prevent weeds from germinating. The products we use are strategically applied at key stages to prevent weeds before they become a problem.

Broad Range Weed Elimination

Throughout the year, Guaranteed Green uses many top leading weed control products to give our customers the broadest guaranteed results possible.

Selective Weed Killers

Grassy weeds such as crabgrass, nutsedge, and some broadleaf weeds require selective herbicides for suppression and death. The reason being is that many weed species are very similar biologically to grass, and because some weeds have grown to become immune to most weed control products. We are very experienced in dealing with these hard to kill invasive weeds, along with the weed control products that are required in these situations.

Weed Control Services

Why Choose Guaranteed Green

1 Guaranteed Green is a locally owned company that is passionate about what we do. All of our weed control treatment plans are customized for the Atlanta, Ga area, and the major grass types in the area based on experience and research.

2 Our weed control plans are a yearly cycle of various leading commercial-grade pre-emergents and broad-spectrum weed control products as well as other select herbicides. We understand the unique weed growth cycle in Georgia and select the products we use accordingly to ensure the best coverage available.

3 We do not cut corners. We use the best weed control products in the market to assure results. Often we use combination treatments that include pre and post-emergent weed control products in the same application.

4All Guaranteed Green technicians are turf & ornamental certified, and experienced in applying the weed control products used.

Contact Guaranteed Green today to learn more about our weed control services, as well our wide array of other lawn care services. We’re proud to be the preferred lawn care company for property owners in Atlanta, GA, and all surrounding communities.